Socio-economic Data

Spa Geo has on offer a great range of socio-economic data worldwide, which you can procure in "standard packages" or composed for your individual requirements, according to application...

Our Basic Sociodemographic Data contain data covering population structure corresponding to administrative boundaries such as district, borough or zip code delineation. In addition to population density details and regional gender distribution you also obtain data on buying (purchasing) power and automobile density.

Infrastructure data enable detailed conclusions to be drawn about an area’s demographic and economic structure. Over and above the basic data they further contain details about the population’s age distribution, nationality, social status, and number and size of households. The infrastructure data are available as Microgeographic Data per state and region down to house number level.

For site analysis and marketing purposes in particular Buying (Purchasing) Power Indices can be strategically applied. Down to house number level they contain precise records of various aspects of local buying power: buying power per inhabitant or per household, retail-related buying power or buying power index.

For a wide variety of marketing aspects we have a multitude of further socioeconomic data on offer, such as address data, business data, data on construction and habitation or points of interest, i.e., the location of schools, discos, rail stations, shopping centers and various other push and pull factors.